Why Opt For AIG Malaysia?

Insurance coverage is a great investment in your upcoming. It can protect you and your family members from against incidents and losses through economic assist. With its versatile and complete policies, AIG Malaysia is not merely among Malaysia’s best insurance coverage firms; however, it is also the best option for all your MyGuardian Personal Accident insurance policy needs.

If you are searching for the insurance plan firm that can provide you with home, car, travel, and personal automobile accident insurance plan, consider AIG Malaysia. All of AIG’s insurance coverages come with simple and fast boasts and are very comprehensive to be compatible with any lifestyle.

Thinking of travelling locally or in foreign countries? Consider buying one of AIG’s vacation insurance policies. Some favourable aspects consist of health care, and private accident includes, extensive insurance coverage, journey cancellation cover, and any travelling annoyance that you might come across.

AIG Malaysia

Safeguard your property and also the items of your property with AIG’s home insurance insurance policies. Some of our popular functions include defence against disasters, insurance for approximately 30Percent of the belongings. It is possible to change your theft policy to complete theft insurance for the added protection.

Do you utilize your auto as your principal method of transport? Think about acquiring car insurance with AIG, and shield your car or truck against thievery, fire, and more. Along with a thorough defence plan, numerous add more-on coverages create the master plan even more atmosphere-restricted and aid extend any picked collection.

Ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of with AIG’s Private Incident Insurance coverages. Personal Automobile Accident Insurance can provide you with thorough preparation, with a lump sum payment payout in case of any unexpected incidents, as well as hospitalisation and healthcare benefits.

AIG Malaysia is focused on supporting your family have peace of mind with the knowledge that our insurance coverage safely deal with you. Whether you’re searching for property insurance, car insurance, or personalized automobile accident insurance policy, all our plans are comprehensive and versatile, with a range of include-on insurance policies. Head to https://www.aig.my/personal to find out more on MyGuardian Personal Accident.